Risk Management Solutions

Through the use of Secure Insight's national proprietary database and rating system, warehouse banks and mortgage lenders can better evaluate their partners at the closing table – while reducing their exposure to fraud and the inherent risks associated with mortgage lending during the closing process. While Secure Insight is not a licensing agency, it is the first company to offer such a risk management service – and the only company that vets closing professionals in real time with ongoing monitoring.

Secure Insight Closing Agent Quality Control Checklist:

Secure Insight recommends that lenders adopt this free form, to be added to your closing package, as one method of reminding closing agents of their fiduciary duties, and also demonstrating to insurers and regulators that you demand minimum standards of quality control at the closing table. This is a small but important resource to record a closing agent's activities and to protect the interests of banks and consumers at a mortgage closing transaction. It also provides a record after the closing that may assist in any future loss mitigation. 

To Download our Closing Agent Quality Control Checklist, click here.

To Download our CFPB Policy Compliance Statement for Lenders, click here.