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Real Estate Agents, Your Reputation is Everything!

In the hard fought world of residential home sales reputation is everything.Each sale is not simply a single event but an opportunity for a lifetime of business. Likewise poor decisions can influence the direction of your business and your career.  That is why real estate agents need to know who they are sending their clients to when it comes to real estate settlements.  Whether it is a real estate attorney, escrow agent or title agency, real estate agents need to rely on independent verification of the identity, credentials and risk status of anyone to whom they refer their clients.  Why?  Because a bad experience in the closing of a mortgage transaction can not only cost a client but can result in real financial harm.  In 2012 the FBI estimates that of the $13 billion in expected fraud losses, that 15% of these losses will occur at and around the closing table.  That’s $2 billion in economic harm to consumers and banks.  The reputational risk to real estate agents is far greater.

In an industry that relies on solid referrals, just how confident are you in the closing agent referrals you are making?  With access to the Secure Insight vetted closing agent database, a national database of agents who have voluntarily subjected themselves and their professional practices to independent scrutiny and monitoring, real estate agents can gain greater confidence in their third party professional referrals.  The searchable database also includes a unique watch list of thousands of attorneys and closing agents with legal, license and disciplinary issues that may give real estate agents pause before making a referral.

Best of all access to the database to real estate agents is free.  Just contact Secure Insight to learn more details.  In the meantime, encourage all your attorney and settlement agent professionals to join the Secure Insight national database, searchable by banks as a pre-closing risk management tool, and starting soon, by consumers as a free resource to find independently rated agents.

Ask for vetted agents, look for the Secure Insight agent certificate in your referral source’s offices and notice the Secure Insight registered agent seal on their letterhead and email signatures.  Begin taking greater steps to protect your reputational risk today!

SSI Closing Agent Registration Seal